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Terms and Conditions | TM Belarus

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Terms and Conditions

Cosmetic Tournaments, LLC shall from this point forward unless indicated be referred to as “WLT” otherwise, “this site”, “website”, “us”, “we”, “owner”, or “our”. Accessing and using this website, you accept and agree to be bound by the provision and terms of this agreement. In addition , when using this services and websites, you shall be subject to any posted rules or guidelines applicable to such services, which may be modified and posted from time to time. All such guidelines or rules are hereby incorporated by reference into the conditions of use. You should revisit these Terms on a regular basis as revised versions will be binding on you. Any such modification shall be effective after our posting of new terms. You are aware and agree that your ongoing access to or usage of my this site after the effective go out with of modifications to the Lingo indicates your acceptance on the modifications. ANY PARTICIPATION IN THIS SITE shall CONSTITUTE ACCEPTANCE OF THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT ACQUIESCE IN ABIDE BY THE ABOVE, you may not access or use this article or its services and really should stop using this site straightaway.

Sign up process/User Name
At picking an username be aware that general name that may be obvious to be other persons on all of the 4 website pages. Please choose a true name that is unrecognizable to family and friends, and not a significant your email to keep it boasts a. This name may be posted on a number of the websites’ pages. Inaccurate information on the sign up page might lead to disqualification of prizes. If at any right time would not like to receive email please email [email protected] com. If you do opt out of emails it is the surfers responsibility to email [email protected] com with the needed information(Real name, username, shirt height, and shipping address) in the instance that you are eligible for a create otherwise you will not receive the create. It is the users responsibility which keeps their passwords private, and so WLT is not accountable for particular fields such as harm done to user in case their password is found out and so utilized by another person. If your username is deemed inappropriate by WLT we may with maybe without your consent make username or terminate your account. If you would like to change your username you can request a change near emailing us at: [email protected] por with your requested new login, and real name from your login email, but this does not always guarantee a change to your username. We all reserve the right to decide alternatives username is appropriate or as their account to terminate. When an user inputs incorrect information about any part of the sign up approach they may become ineligible to cash or any other valuable. If an user would like to have their account removed please subscriber: [email protected] com stating you want to have your account removed that it will be removed within a valid amount of time. First name, last-name, username, and email address placed on the sign up page may possibly be required to ensure that the correct particular person is deleted. Accounts ejected would have residual information residual on the site, after their account is removed even.

Accuracy of Information
This site and its components are available for informational purposes primarily just; this site will not be responsible or liable for the accuracy, usefulness or availability of any given information transmitted or made available via the site, and shall not be responsible or liable for any error or omissions in that information. I’m not responsible for any risk resulting in the application of this website.

Privacy and Data
All monetary transactions which were processed on this site are handled by Fork out Pal. Even though they have gone at great length to make certain that your personal information is preserved, they are in charge of keeping that information secured ultimately. WLT is not liable for any misuse of that given information. See data security statement for more information.

Tournaments and Contests
Ideas are found on the Join hacia Tournament page, and by selecting “Tournament Rules. “. By entering or participating in any contest or tournament, you agree to be at the mercy of those regulations, rules and procedures and legislation. It is up to the user to read, and follow the restrictions before, during, and after a contest or tournament.
Users of this site may be positioned into a tournament with or without their consent. Winners and Losers of each round are determined by WLT management ultimately, in which all preferences are final. If a computer is cheating or misrepresentation of weight loss is discovered the user may have forfeited most of the right to receive any type of treasure whether or not a new account is made. WLT reserves the right to close an users account at any time for any reason. Cheating is dealt with strictly, and can bring about loss of round, forfeiture using prize, and the removal of the users account and any forthcoming accounts created by the user. A new user has had recent becoming, surgery or any medical procedure in advance of or during a tournament, or alternatively anything else which could give a player an unfair advantage for losing weight is not allowed to register with a tournament at that various time, but you are more versus welcome to use any other part of the site including competing inside your customized division. WLT grow older may ask for a photography holding a secret brand to maintain the integrity of the weight loss tournaments, and if can not comply it may lead to the foreclosure of a round or disqualification for the particular tournament. An enormously large amount of weight loss in a very low time period may also be grounds in support of loss of a particular round, that can be the discretion of WLT to make the final decision. Participants because of tournaments might not be eligible for a winning prize if their email is barbare or any other information on the opt-in page was entered badly, and this includes but not on a having a shipping address in the vicinity of the United States. The participants who actually do qualify for a winning prize will need to respond to an email via WLT so we are able to get the necessary information from the user in order to get their prize. When we try to get a hold of all participant, and the necessary documents is not given to us by – email at: [email protected] weightlosstournaments. com within two weeks the participant may not be eligible for their prize. It is the participants responsibility to be sure their log in inbox is correct. A correction is actually made on the profile page (Click on your username on the “My Division” page) to make the following change, but only certain things can be changed or edited on the profile page. Or email us directly for any help or questions regarding this change. It is an users responsibility to understand the laws of the tournament before it’s always entered and/or paid for. Each sales are final. Email usernames are obvious or are visible by others regardless if an individual is in a Personalized Contestevent, fight, games, joust, match, meet, meeting, series, sport, test, tilt, tourney or a tournament of any sort on the WLT site. This includes all paid and non paid tournaments, tournaments that the user is just positioned in with or not their permission, My Abteilung page, comment board, and simply any other page that echos usernames. It is the responsibility of everyone users to ensure that their whole username is discreet.

We are under no traité to enforce the Providing on your behalf against another wearer. While we inspire you to let us know if another user is believed by you has violated the Terms, we reserve it is your right investigate and take adequate action at our pure discretion. Stalking, threats of any kind, nuisance, or almost any language which promotes bigotry or discrimination of any kind are not allowed.
All users profess not to use this site on the way to:
Promote a business or other commercial venture or event, or use the Site for commercial purposes otherwise.
Do questionnaires, or other mass messages, whether commercial in type or not; engage in keyword sending junk email, or otherwise attempt to manipulate finally, the Site’s search results or any third party website;
Solicit personal information from minors, or send in or transmit pornography; and it could be
Violate any applicable legislation.
Violate the Terms
Shift, adapt, appropriate, reproduce, distributed, translate, create derivative adaptations or works of, display publicly, easily sell, trade, or in any way exploit the Site or Site Content (other than Your Content), except as expressly authorized by WLT;
Use any robot, search engine spider, site search/retrieval application, or possibly an other automated device, stage or means to access, obtain, scrape, or index some portion of the Site or any Websites content;
Reverse engineer any associated with the Site;
Remove or convert any copyright, trademark , other proprietary rights observe that appears on any percentage of the Site, including any a, materials or animations printed or copied from the Site;
Record, process, or perhaps a mine details about other users;
Peruse, retrieve or index type of portion of the Site for reason for constructing or populating any kind of a searchable database of online business reviews;
Reformat or frame any portion of the Site;
Attempt to gain access to unauthorized access to the Site, computer user accounts, computer systems or networks linked to the Site through hacking, password exploration or any other means;
Work with the Site or any Site Content that transmit any computer principe, worms, defects, Trojan excepté or other items of their destructive nature.
Use the device, software or routine that interferes with the proper working of the Site, or otherwise test and interfere with the proper working when using the Site;
Use site returning to violate the security of involving computer network, crack security or passwords encryption codes; break up or interfere with the security at, or otherwise cause harm to, the Site or Site Content;
Violate any than party’s rights, including any defeat of confidence, copyright, known, patent, trade secret, recto right, privacy right, immediately of publicity, or any various intellectual property or little-known right;
18. Solicit any kind of user related to commercial potentially sales purposes (including, persons limited to, contests, sweepstakes, as well as , displaying advertisements on one’s have profile) unless expressly made possible by the Owner by previous, written permission. By his or her terms, this provision will not apply to any third get together, including an advertiser, that has a pre-existing contract with the Purchaser relating to advertisements or the offering up of products or services over the internet;
19. Acquire information that will be used outside of the Website if you want to solicit people related to professional or sales purposes;
20. Send out “spam, ” “junk mail, ” “chain the actual, ” or the like;
18. Promote racism, bigotry, aggression, or the like against any group or person of people;
22. Harass, hurt, abuse, harm, or jeopardize to harm any person or maybe the property of any person (including through the application of viruses);
5. Violate the privacy liberties of any person;
24. Manipulate any person, including in a connect manner;
25. Interfere with or negatively affect any other User’s use or enjoyment of the Website;
21. Acquire or use personal data, including the username and password, of another Subscriber without his or her permission;
35. Impersonate or improperly represent yourself as another person;
28. Damage, interrupt, interfere with, or negatively affect the procedure otherwise, functionality, or perhaps a performance of this Website (including through the utilization of viruses);
up to 29. Alter, modify, or change the Website other than in one’s own profile otherwise.
trinta. Expose the Owner to any type of harm or liability;
31. upload, guide, display, or share on our website or use the website regarding transmit information that:
here is the Is offensive to, causes harm to, or threatens to danger any person;
– Is offensive or inappropriate sexually;
– Must be false, defamatory, and/or libelous;

– violates, threatens so as to violate, or otherwise infringes after another person’s personal, proprietary, housing, or other rights, mainly rights related to copyright, unique, privacy, and the First Mend;
– contains material undoubtedly copyrighted, protected by signiture move law, or otherwise subject to another’s proprietary rights, including personal space rights, unless that user is owner of such rights or otherwise has permission to use such material on this Website.

Content Spoke by Users
All Compuer users are in charge of any User Articles that they post, publish, bear, upload, store, or promote on the Website or otherwise transmit to finally or through the Website (such actions shall be collectively described as “posting/post/posted”) and are responsible for any consequences stemming from the posting of the User Content. Users will not post User Content that contains material that is copyrighted, protected by trade trademark or secret law, or subject to another’s proprietary rights otherwise, including personal privacy rights, unless that Customer is the owner of such rights or otherwise has permission to use regarding material on this Website.
The Owner might, at its sole discretion, eradicate any users content submitted or remove the users profile on this website at any time virtually any or no reason, including, assure limited to, as the user content material is offensive to, harms, or threatens to injury any person; is sexually offensive or inappropriate; is errors and false, defamatory, and/or libelous; quite possibly violates, threatens to defy, or otherwise infringes after one more person’s personal, proprietary, place, or other rights, for instance rights related to copyright, brand, privacy, and the First Holdup bill.
Users are in charge of their user content ultimately, and if such content is destroyed or revised while posted on the website, anyone, not the owner, is responsible for replacing the content.
When Patient Content is posted to a Website, the User hereby grants the Owner a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty-free, sub-licensable, and transferrable licenses to use copy, distribute, and employ such content otherwise.
Upon acquiring your avertissement of alleged copyright intrusion, as set forth above, the Owner will get or disable access to each of our allegedly infringing material as well as , promptly notify the warranted infringer of your claim. Actually, in accordance with the DMCA, the homeowner has implemented a policy to assist you terminate, when appropriate, the Membership and access to the Website of any repeat infringer. Though, the Owner may terminate the account or access of any user at any time for any or no reason.
Termination pertaining to Access and/or account at User
As set above forth, the Owner may terminate access of any user at any right time for any or no reason.

Owner’s Copyright, Trademarks and Other Broker specific Rights
The Owner retains terme conseillé and all other proprietary rights web-sites content and other materials made by the Owner on the Website, including and also multimedia code, text, graphics, makes, photos, video, and animation. Such content and materials shall not be copied or reproduced, in whole or partly, for any purpose by Surfers. While Users of this World-wide-web site are given a limited license to choose from the Owner’s Website articles, such license or any all the way granted to User when dealing with this Agreement does not imply the perfect transfer of copyright on the other hand other proprietary rights. Additional, the Owner reserves the right to terminate and/or revoke this small license granted to Clients at any time for any or no purpose.
The Owner also has or has certain protected trademarks concerning this Website. The Owner’s terme conseillé, trademarks, and patents will not be used, in any way, that is likely to cause confusion and may not be copied or used, in whole or in part, devoid of the prior written permission from your Owner.
Website Modifications
The owner of the smartpen reserves the right, in its valuable discretion, to make any type of many other, addition, deletion, or change to the content and other facet of the Website as the Owner recognizes fit.
The Owner reserves the right to start out charging costs for certain services provided by united states.
Users agree to be bound by the Website’s Privacy Policy also, which is incorporated into this Agreement by reference as it fully set forth herein.
All Users agree that your chosen make use of this Website is at the own risk. This Website, it really is services, its applications, and it is content is provided “as-is” and as available, and the Owner expressly disclaims any warrantee of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular non-infringement or purpose. For a fullest extent permitted by law, the Owner, its subsidiaries, internet marketers, officers, agents, partners, and simply employees disclaim all extended auto warranties, implied or express, in connection with this Website, Profile user Content, other content on the webpage, and Users’ utilization of this excellent website. No warranties are made by The Owner, express or suggested, and assumes no loan or responsibility for any while using following: the accuracy or it may be completeness of the content these Website; any error, omission, interruption, or defect for operation or transmission in respect to this Website; any technical break down or other problems including any servers, computer systems, hardware or software, or any other similar difficulty, including problems that relate to or lead to injury or damage to an User’s computer, its applications, electronic parts, software, or any other paraphernalia of the User; any unauthorized access or use to your secure servers, sensitive information, secured payment or password information on to this Website; any viruses the actual like transmitted to in addition through the Website by almost other party; and/or any damage or injury resulting from any User Content posted on or otherwise related to this Website. Supplemental, the Owner does not warrant, security, or assume responsibility for one product, service, or website link made available from a than jointly through this Website.
Certain state laws do not allow certain disclaimers of liability or warranties. If these laws are applicable to you, some or all of the above disclaimers may not apply to you, and you may have additional rights.
Limitation onto Liability
In no festival shall the Owner, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, newlyweds, and employees be prone to an User or any 1 / 3 get together for any indirect, consequential, exemplary, incidental, special or punitive damages, including, however, not limited to lost profits, coming up out of this Website; any content material on this Website; or any Is a great Content posted on the Website, even if the Owner is aware of the possibility of such damages. One of the Owner’s liability to any Individual or third party is fixed to the amount paid, should it be any, by you to the owner of the smartpen for usage of the Website. You acknowledge that if you pay no costs to the Owner, you shall only be eligible for injunctive relief as allowed by law and not entitled to regarding monetary damages.
Certain state lines laws do not allow certain confines on liability. If involving laws are applicable to you, some or all of the above limitations may well not apply to you, and you may have additional legal rights.
Limitation on Dispute Solution – Arbitration
All Subscribers and the Owner agree to look to settle any dispute, controversy or claim arising out or relating to, or indirectly directly, this Website or in this Agreement through consultation and then good faith negotiation. However , as a result of thirty (30) days of good faith negotiations, either the User(s) or Owner may mandate, through written notice, that such dispute be submitted to a final and binding arbitration. In the case either the User(s) since Owner make such insist upon, then the exclusive method of solution and relief for such dispute shall be final and binding arbitration, except that to the scope, range a person has violated, threatened to positively violate, or infringe upon the copyright, trademark, obvious or other proprietary proper rights of another person, Users additionally, the Owner agree that settlement is not an satisfactory solution and that injunctive or new equitable relief may be looked for. Arbitration shall be before a mutually acceptable arbitrator in Des Moines, Iowa, in accordance with the entire Commercial Arbitration Rules of one’s American Arbitration Association, and in the case of consumer disputes, the AAA’s Supplementary Habits for Consumer Related Conflit. Further, no arbitration under this provision shall be joined with any other claim or arbitration, and no class arbitration proceedings will be permitted. Each of our judgment on the award caused to become by the arbitrator shall be attaching and may be entered in virtually any court having competent legislation thereof.
Users sanction indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Owner, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, agents, companies, and employees from any liability, loss, demand, as well as , claim (including attorney’s fees) arising out of or wants User Content, and this will including but not limited to, animations and portraits, and agree to indemnify specifically, defend and stay harmless the Owner from every liability arising from an User’s unauthorized use on this World-wide-web site of any other person’s possibly entity’s name, photograph, player, copyright material, trademark chemical or any other improper mixture that an User posts on this site.
Users agree to indemnify, look after and hold harmless the pen user, its subsidiaries, affiliates, reps, agents, partners, and sales agents from any and all liability, control, demand, and claim (including attorney’s fees) made by any and all 1 / 3 party due to also arising out of any ingredient of your utilization of the Website excellent services, including use that violates this Agreement.
Disputes Out of Users
You are in charge of disputes between and among Users solely. The Owner stashed the right to monitor interaction out of and among Users, only has no obligation to do so.
Amount of force Majeure
WLT shall not you should be held liable for any delay or failure in overall performance of any part of this Agreement from any cause beyond its control and without its fault or negligence, including but limited to, acts of God, acts of military or civil authority, national regulations, embargoes, war, terrorist acts, riots, insurrections, shoots, explosions, earthquakes, tornadoes, atómico accidents, floods, strikes, charge blackouts, other major eco disturbances, unusually severe weather conditions, or inability to secure needed products or services from other entities or persons.
Importance of Ownership
If the owners of this Website changes, the person reserves the right to assign there rights under this Assimilation to the new owner, and your particular use of this Website will remain susceptible to this Agreement.
This Agreement shall bind and inure to the benefit of each of the Owner’s directors, agents, employees, affiliates, representatives, successors, heirs, subsidiaries and permitted assigns and subsidiaries.
Prevalent conditions of use
-Any young woman using this site in either way should check with with a professional medical before starting any type of health method. WLT does not provide skilled or any counseling advice. There is nothing stated or posted on any sites or available through any services which are intended to be, and must not be taken to stay, the practice of skilled or counseling care. I will be not liable for any of the articles written on a comment get on or anywhere on this site. Even if content is written by an owner or employee of this ongoing company or user, we are not are and responsible not liable or in charge of any opinion, advice, or slips. We are not responsible for all the loss or damages due to comments made on this site inspite of who or where most people originated from on this site. Users can not count on information given on just the comment board or any type communication forum given in or even a by this site in that they are usually only the users opinions which always might not exactly be accurate. We have not in charge of opinions in addition to advice given by a current in addition to previous user regardless of a person’s expertise or lack thereof. Just about anyone who’s shipping address must be outside of the United States is not qualified for prizes. All sales happen to be final for individuals who have chosen a spot in a tournament. Ones wishing to return purchased merchandise(hats or shirts), are only placement to do so if items are sent back to the shippers answer and received in good condition, plus the customer is accountable for their own initiative shipping costs. Any traumas caused in shipping so as to or from a customer/user is not the liability of WLT, but it is up to the user to determination the issue with the company who has been involved in delivering or wishing to deliver the merchandise. Only you have to will a refund because the merchandise itself(not shipping costs) be given.